Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment From Your Fisher, In Chiropractor

Back pain is a common problem that affects many people.

It can affect your productivity, physical activities, sleeping habits, and even sitting position. The survey conducted by the American Chiropractic Association found that 32 million Americans suffer from back pain.

If you want to bring back the enthusiastic version of yourself, it's important to get chiropractic care for your back pain. A visit with a Chiropractor Fisher IN can help you manage your symptoms and feel better again! 

How We Address Back Pain

A Chiropractor Fisher IN uses a wide range of methods to address back pain. They include:

1) Adjustments

We aim to restore the proper alignment and functioning of your spine by performing chiropractic adjustments. The adjustment can be manual or through the help of sophisticated instruments.  

2) Osteopathic Manipulation

This involves applying pressure on specific reflex points in the body with the thumb, knuckles, elbows, and knees and stretching techniques. It's believed that restoring the mobility of these areas will help normalize function in other parts of the body and provide relief from discomfort.

3) Therapeutic Exercises

Based on an assessment by a team of experts, we can create exercise programs to help you recover faster. These are designed to improve your mobility, flexibility, and strength while minimizing pain.

Disc Bulges and Herniation

Disc bulges, or herniations, happen when you experience trauma to the spine.  

Discs act as natural shock absorbers between the vertebrae. Each disc has a tough outer layer called the annulus, and a soft center is known as nucleus pulposus. 

When the annulus breaks down, you can develop a bulge or herniation of the inner nucleus pulposus into your spinal canal. This can lead to severe pain and nerve compression in addition to muscle weakness and paralysis.


Although stress, injury, and toxins are often to blame for the misalignment, subluxation is caused by the misalignment of vertebrae in your spine. It can cause compression on nerves that serve other parts of your body.

Your trusted chiropractor in Fisher, IN, Infinity Health, can help address subluxations by locating the misalignments and restoring their proper function.

We'll determine whether you need additional treatment after your initial visit. It's also important to note that a subluxation doesn't have to cause pain to be corrected.

Muscular Sprains and Strains on the Tendon or Ligament

Muscular sprains and strains are those in which the ligament or tendon is injured. These cases show more symptoms of inflammation, followed by a formation of inflammatory exudation and ooze into the damaged area.

The pain is sudden, acute, burning, sharp; it is accompanied by swelling and redness followed by heat.

Even if there is no external injury perceived, the muscle feels painful to touch. When palpating, Fisher, IN chiropractors will find tender points that have an increased sensitivity to pressure.  

To treat these injuries, one must know clearly which muscles or tendons are involved. Depending on the area of pain, specific manipulations should be applied to promote healing, especially when it is acute and needs faster action.

How Stress Causes Your Back Pain

Stress can be detrimental to my back in two ways. First, the stress may cause greater tension in other body areas, such as the shoulders, arms, or legs, which then tenses the lower back, increasing muscle strain.

The second way stress can negatively affect your back is through emotional changes. Such dynamic changes include increased anxiety or depression, resulting in decreased motivation to exercise correctly or poor eating habits leading to weight gain and back pain.

Statistics show there appears to be a positive correlation between higher levels of stress and the presence of low-back pain because individuals with both disorders often look towards physical symptoms like their backs for reasons why they feel stressed out.

What Could Be Causing Your Back Pain?

Expert chiropractors in Fisher IN explain that an individual's back produces a lot of pressure on spinal discs, contributing to herniations and resulting in the lumbar spine and lower-back pain in people who are already under added stress at work or school, etc. As a result of this pressure, the discs may tear or burst, causing further damage.

Discover How Infinity Health Chiropractic Can Make a Difference

At Infinity Health, we believe in natural pain relief. We focus on the root of your problems rather than just treating the symptoms. Since specific causes can be found (whether it is a long-standing injury, misalignment, or even stress and emotional issues), we use different methods to locate and pinpoint these specific issues.

A simple chiropractic adjustment can help with many common issues!

Chiropractors at Infinity Health have been taught to identify these problems and provide the most effective treatment plan. If you're experiencing any of these health concerns, contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment online!

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