Struggling with Sciatica?

Debilitating pain from the back, buttocks, and down to the legs can be a symptom of sciatica. This condition is excruciating and can cause severe damage when left untreated. Many people search for a Fisher, IN chiropractor to relieve the pain of sciatica. However, many others never find a long-term solution. This article aims to help you know more about sciatica and show you how chiropractic care at Infinity Health can help. 

What is Sciatica? 

Sciatica is a debilitating condition that causes pain from the lower back down to the back of the leg or foot. Extended periods of sitting and standing can be excruciating when you're dealing with sciatica. In addition to the pain, sciatica may also cause weakness and numbness on the leg and foot. Sciatica, in general, can periodically show up throughout one's life with varying levels of pain. Either way, this condition requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent nerve damage. 

How Do You Develop Sciatica?

You can develop sciatica from several conditions, but the most common cause is disc injury or bulged discs. These are the results of poor posture, accidents, or injuries. Additionally, subluxations caused by pregnancy and physical trauma can also lead to sciatica. 

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

The recovery time for each patient varies on the severity of their sciatica and the amount of correction needed. A more prolonged and persistent sciatica case will likely need a more extensive recovery period. However, no matter how severe your sciatica may be, it usually requires less time to adjust and recover than it took for you to develop the condition. 

How Can Chiropractor Fishers Help? 

Chiropractors in Fishers have years of training and experience to handle cases like sciatica, using precision to determine the source of sciatica pain and offer the best treatment options. After evaluating the patient, the chiropractor will apply careful and precise adjustments to correct any spinal misalignments - providing relief. 

Call our team at Infinity Health if you're living with sciatica and want immediate relief in Fishers, IN, today! 

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