Spinal Rehabilitation

Spinal rehabilitation is possible without the need for painful surgery through chiropractic adjustments, which is a refined skill attained with years of professional training. The procedure involves the manipulation of the forces needed by the misaligned spinal vertebrae. Chiropractic adjustment has been proven effective in correcting vertebral misalignment, and most of the time, it is accompanied by a unique clicking sound. For first-timers undergoing chiropractic care, the sound might surprise you, but that sound is a release of gas from the spine's joints. 

Chiropractic care is created to focus on providing pain relief and allowing a person's body to heal naturally through spinal adjustments. Several people can attest that they feel comfortable when pain is decreased or completely removed. Chiropractic doctors are skilled in knowing what spinal misalignments are, addressing a series of spine adjustments, and identifying the source of pain that can give full pain relief to the patient.

What are herniated and bulging discs?

The disc is considered the cartilage between the vertebrae of the spinal bones. The outer area of the disc contains a fibrous component that carries the innermost part of the disc, which is identified as the nucleus pulposus. The disc serves as a cushion or a shock absorber between the spinal column and the spinal bones.

The disc is a soft material, so it can easily absorb the shock of the patient's body when you are twisting and bending, letting more spine movements. It also creates a little space between each bone, letting the nerves go out in between bones. It means that the disc may separate the bones to build a hole known as the intervertebral foramen. It is where the nerves exit. If you are experiencing this condition, where the disc herniates out or bulges, it can place bad pressure on the involved nerves and cause more pain and problems, including sciatica and lower back pain.

It is a good thing that there are applicable chiropractic adjustments to consider and help remove the misalignments or subluxations of the spinal to promote healing of the injured discs and restore proper movement.

What is post-surgical rehabilitation?

People who have experienced surgeries are aware of the challenges they face after regaining the function of their bodies. The team of experienced healthcare professionals at Infinity Health in Fishers, IN,  has supported several patients to get back on their quality of life through the years. The team is skilled enough to help you through post-surgical rehabilitation successfully and safely.

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