Sports Injury Treatment

You might have heard about sports injuries since they became popular in the sports industry. Do you know Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers, and Kareem Abdul-Jubbar? These are well-known athletes who believe that chiropractic care has a huge impact on the success of their respective sports and careers. 

Chiropractic care is not only beneficial to most athletes to excel in their sports, but it also provides short and long-term benefits for students and other sports enthusiasts. Infinity Health has been giving excellent care to newbies and professional sports participants for several years already. We will discuss how to benefit from chiropractic treatment, especially if you have a sports injury.

How Can Sports Injury Treatment Help Athletes?

Athletes continually and routinely put themselves, especially their body in an extremely high level of stress physically and mentally. The stressor is unique from what you have experienced because of excessive office or school work demands. Sports commitment often involves collisions, explosive running or jumping, atypical body postures, and quick starts and stops that put additional demands on the athlete’s physical structure or body. 

The impact of these changes builds a cascade that sometimes leads to flexibility, speed, and loss of motion while maximizing the opportunities of acquiring headaches and future injuries related to sports. For instance, several long-distance athletes show chronic pain throughout the joints in their legs and develop chronic cases of tendonitis. Usually, doctors prescribe painkillers to lessen the pain and symptoms, but it only provides short term relief. If these painkillers are the solution to pain issues, why does it need to be taken continuously?

The fact is that several injuries from sports started because of nerve interference causes the joints for misalignments, especially the spine area. 

When chiropractors eliminate nerve interference, a person’s body will experience higher immune system function, increase in blood flow, proper motor pattern firing, and overall well-being.

When Should an Athlete See a Sports Injury Chiropractor?

When a person acquires flu shots at the start of the year to avoid getting ill, athletes should not wait to visit a chiropractic doctor until or after the injury. While chiropractic care is proven effective as a source for healing and injury rehabilitation, it’s also a better option in preventing more damages from occurring. Chiropractic doctors see the body as a whole, considering all aspects of health. Infinity Health has the essential resources to perform physical therapy, adjustive procedures, and soft tissue massage to treat the skeletal, nervous, ligamentous, and muscular systems. The patient’s body is free to function at its best through these procedures, especially throughout the sports season. 

If you want to know more information about sports injury treatment and the necessary chiropractic care needed for it, you can call our Infinity Health team in Fishers, IN,  and see how we can help you to get your life back. 

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