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Have You Been Injured at Work? Here's How Infinity Health Can Help! 

Work injuries usually don't result from severe accidents as most people would think. They happen due to repetitive stress in the body. Luckily, most work injuries can be treated by a Fisher, IN chiropractor. Either way, there are many possibilities for work injuries in different industries. But most importantly, addressing these issues early on is crucial to avoid permanent damage. 

This article will help you learn more about work injuries, their causes and lets you know how Infinity Health can help you heal from a work injury.

What Are Common Work Injuries? 

Even simple tasks done with poor posture can lead to pain after long periods. From sitting to carrying massive boxes all day, these can cause severe and acute pain to sprout. However, even when done with a perfect posture, the repetitive stress these activities do to your body can cause lasting pain and chronic issues over time. 

Here are some of the most common work injuries caused by repetitive stress injuries:

This list isn't exhaustive, so if you're experiencing the beginning of an overuse injury or you think you're at risk, it's best to start preventive care with a chiropractic consultation. Addressing these issues early on can prevent a lifetime of pain.

What's the Cause of Work Injuries?

The spine is the central bone structure of the body, and work injuries massively impact it. When a misalignment develops due to repetitive stress on the body, it can affect the nerves, radiating pain throughout the body. Also, when joints and bones become misaligned, it can cut the flow of signals from the central nervous system and blood from the cardiovascular system, causing pain and permanent damage over time. 

How Can Infinity Health Help With Work Injuries?

Chiropractors have always had great success when it comes to treating work-related injuries. The care these experts offer is 100% non-invasive, safe, and efficient. To pinpoint the source of the work injury, a chiropractor will provide a thorough medical examination. Afterward, a chiropractor will create a personalized plan to ensure you receive effective relief that lasts. 

Call our team at Infinity Health in Fishers, IN, to find immediate relief and prevent future work injuries today! 

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