Functional Medicine

Do you have a health problem that won’t go away?

You may not be aware of it, but your body is constantly fighting an invisible battle. It's trying to protect you from the things in your environment that are making you sick. But sometimes, it needs help and support. That's where chiropractors in Fishers, IN, come in. We're here to give your body what it needs so you can get back on track with life again.

Our Infinity Health team will work with you to find out what is causing your symptoms and then create a personalized plan to relieve them. We'll also ensure that any underlying conditions are addressed, so they don't keep coming back or cause new problems down the line.

We will do everything to find lasting solutions for your aches and pains through functional medicine. We offer comprehensive evaluations, lab testing, nutrition counseling, and more so that we can get at the root cause of what's going wrong with your body. And if there are any other illnesses or diseases present, we will address them as well.

How Does Functional Medicine Work Hand in Hand with Chiropractic Care?

In the practice of Functional Medicine, patients actively participate in taking care of their health. The chiropractor takes the time to educate patients on how they can live healthier lives.

The chiropractor and patient work together to develop realistic ways to improve their diet, sleep patterns, exercise, and other relevant behaviors. Chiropractors also constantly improve by attending training or reading books about new therapeutic modalities for more effective treatment options.

Practitioners of functional medicine are open to a variety of safe therapies, including acupuncture. They'll also recommend supplements or changes in diet and exercise as well as electrical stimulation if needed.

Why Should You See a Functional Medicine Expert in Fishers, IN?

If you're suffering from allergies or other immune-related conditions, digestive problems, or autoimmune disorders, the root cause is often a weak immune system.

To restore your body's natural healing ability, a functional medicine expert in Fishers, IN, will focus on removing underlying causes by identifying and eliminating toxins that are weakening your immune system.

You deserve a life free from pain and illness. Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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